San Francisco
1. The Valencia Room

This bi-level Mission standby originally opened in 1935, and has been an entertainment venue in one way or another ever since. It's been home to a country bar, a Spanish restaurant, an all-female nightclub, and most recently, The Elbo Room (RIP). The current space looks pretty much the same, but there have been updates to the lighting and sound systems. Downstairs, you’ll find a small dance floor and more of a bar vibe. Upstairs is all about the huge dance area, stage, and music that ranges from Taylor Swift takeovers to hip hop and Latin to reggaeton.

2. Temple Nightclub
Financial District

If you’re looking for an over-the-top night out complete with a high-level Vegas-esque cheese factor, bridge-and-tunnel clientele, and bottle service, Temple is your spot. The main dance floor is huge with 50,000 floor-to-ceiling LED bulbs, a custom DJ booth, VIP booths along the edge, box suites, and mezzanine tables. Go downstairs for an underground party that’s more about the dancing and less about the “being seen” scene (though still with plenty of VIP tables).

3. Arena Sf

This SF offshoot of the namesake club in LA’s Koreatown is an awesome option for the 18+ set who want to get down to hip hop and R&B on Thursday nights. Fridays and Saturdays, however, are reserved for those who can legally drink. The experience bills itself as a house party, but just trust us when we say you would not want to have this particular house party in your house. But hey, that’s why dance clubs exist in the first place, right?

4. Halcyon

Halycon popped up a few years before the pandemic and immediately became a go-to for San Franciscans looking to dance the night (and morning away) to EDM and more experimental electronic music. The one-room venue inside of a brick and steel-beamed warehouse is meant to ensure all 400 guests (at capacity) have a similar experience, complete with a powerful sound system and top-of-the-line lighting system. Halcyon has a 24-hour license, which means that some nights turn into morning, and some mornings start fresh with daytime events.

5. The Great Northern

This glamorous industrial-meets-art deco-inspired venue (formerly Mighty) comes from the team behind Monarch, so it’s no surprise that the sound and lighting are everything you’d want in a club experience, but that there are also lots of other thoughtful details like stained glass windows, chandeliers, stunning LED projections, space for outdoor parties, and more. During a typical night, you’ll hear underground EDM, deep house, techno, and sometimes even live music, but the ABBA tribute nights are not to be missed.

6. F8

Sometimes you want a club with all of the glitz and glamor and indulgence possible. And sometimes you just want to dance. On those nights, head to F8, where the music—house, hip hop, techno, dubstep, drum and bass, and everything in between—reigns supreme.

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