1. South City Kitchen

With various locations throughout the city, it’s something about the Midtown spot that brings a different energy. Nestled amidst a string of phenomenal restaurants, South City Kitchen has a menu filled with items such as She-Crab soup to a beautifully cut NY Strip. Their nationally known wine list features a bevy of selections from Reds, Whites and Sparkling. The Cabernet Sauvignon pairs well with their many seafood options, and the Pinot Noir is the perfect nightcap after an exciting evening. With the summer month in full effect, make sure to enjoy your meal at their exquisite outside patio.

2. Poor Calvin's

This unique restaurant lives at the intersection of the deep South and the Far East. The ambience is amazing, and the food is even better. With its head chef Calvin Phan at the helm, Poor Calvin’s provides a culinary experience like no other place in Atlanta. For that perfect Asian-fusion dish, you can try their Lobster Crawfish Wontons, Hong Kong ribs, or the deviled eggs with Korean Beef; or you can pop up on the weekends for brunch to taste the establishment’s crab meat Grilled Cheese sandwich, or the Seafood Omelet accented with Japanese mayo. The innovative dishes and swanky atmosphere make this place the perfect hang out whether you’re with your friends, family, or that special someone.

3. Twisted Soul Cookhouse & Pours
West Midtown

If there is a place in Atlanta that serves everything—it would definitely be Twisted Soul Cookhouse & Pours. Seafood, steaks, pork chops, burgers, wings; you name it, they serve it. The house motto is “good simple food,” but that may be an understatement because the food is amazing. Aside from the menu, what makes this place really stand out is their huge list of alcohol. They’ve got bourbon, Scotch, rye, vodka, a nice selection of beer, and some signature cocktails like Down In Eve’s Bayou that will put you right where you need to be.

4. Kimball House

In what was a former train station, this establishment takes craft cocktails to the next level. But don’t stop there—Kimball House’s elegant menu exudes Southern culinary excellence, and the raw bar has a variety of oysters to choose from, so make sure to pull up to their Happy Hour during the week from 5 pm - 7 pm. Now back to the drinks—the Sazerac with rye and absinthe is a favorite with many customers, while the Golden Gate Sour is one of the best picks for any seasoned bourbon drinker.

5. Atrium
Old Fourth Ward

When Tal Baum, founder of Oliva Restaurant Group (which includes Bellina Alimentari and Aziza), opened Atrium this winter she didn’t want to stick with just one cuisine. So Atrium has a range of globally inspired options found across the menu from the crudo section with standouts like fluke with grapefruit to the mains with scallops and farro risotto. If you sit in the parlor section of the restaurant there are 25 cocktails to choose from (but try the matcha colada).

6. Mighty Hans
Candler Park

Look, the brunch experience doesn’t have to be underwhelming. While people stand in line to eat a less than stellar biscuit at a well-known chain across the street from Gato, you can have your mind blown with exciting flavors found in the dishes at this Taiwanese-American pop-up that runs out of the kitchen on Saturday mornings. The setting is casual—grab a table inside or outside and order a feast, you won’t regret it. Fu-Mao Sun serves up comforting Taiwanese dishes like the fan tuan (rice ball) stuffed with a fried cruller, pork floss and pickles, the breakfast fried shrimp sandwich with scallion eggs, and at least two kinds of mochi doughnuts (flavors vary but on a recent visit they include matcha and pineapple). Drip coffee is available as is house-made sweet soy milk and cinnamon ginger milk tea.

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